Rescuing EU & All of us, everywhere

If the Vatican agrees to our suggestion they INVEST (not give away) $500 billion from their estimated $1 trillion in wealth donated by THE PEOPLE during last 1,900 years in the interest of “doing what Jesus would do”, it would train & emply initially 500,000 Greeks in how to manufacture in-demand products with the new technologies that have been invented and patented but have no investors (due to “bad economy”).  Once these 500,000 Greek employees get paychecks with taxes witheld – Greece could resume paying the interest on their soveriegn debt.  Then we move to do the same in Italy – then Spain – then Ireland and Portugal.  And the (billion?) Catholics who have left their Catholic congregations – woyuld they return?  We would.  And we are sure once the Catholic Church has a new image – a new Public Relations brand – many more would come.  The current bad image of a Catholic Church that protects pedophiles instead of THE PEOPLE…will be changed – hopefully forever.  And The European Union will regain it’s status, power, wealth, hope, ans will become a financially sound “United States of Europe”.  

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